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Welshpool ram raid ute driver wanted by police

Victoria Police want to speak to anyone with information that could identify the driver of a silver Ford Ranger twin cab utility, one of two vehicles used in a ram […]

Corner Inlet fishery’s voluntary code now law

NEARLY three decades has passed since Corner Inlet’s licensed commercial fishers shook hands on a voluntary code of practice intended to sustain the fishery and ensure good catches for all, then […]

FCA – Fostering Our Community

THIS year has brought ups and downs for many of us. Some members of our community have experienced significant interruptions to income/employment and certainly most of us have seen our way […]

Sports and Recreation Grant applications endorsed

AT its recent council meeting, South Gippsland Shire Council reinforced its support for two major sport and reaction projects in the eastern end of the Shire.  On  May 28, 2020, the […]

Camping banned at Franklin River Reserve

OVERNIGHT camping at the Franklin River Reserve on the South Gippsland Highway between Foster and Toora has been permanently banned. South Gippsland Shire Council’s administration panel voted to close the reserve […]

Shire panel adopts 2020/21 budget, 2020/24 plan

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council’s administration panel formally adopted the municipality’s annual budget for 2020/2024 and its council plan for 2020/2024 at the ordinary meeting held in Leongatha on Wednesday June […]

COVID-19 update

Foster and Toora Medical Centres HOW things can change in the few weeks since our last article. We were congratulating ourselves on such a great response to the COVID-19 threat […]

South Gippsland Water price rise deferred

THE Essential Services Commission (ESC) last week released South Gippsland Water’s final price determination that approves our water and sewerage prices for the three years to 2022-23.  South Gippsland Water […]

Plan budget submissions

Panel takes little heed of shire budget, plan submissions South Gippsland Shire’s administration panel acting as the council seems to have taken little heed of submissions made by community members […]

Emerald anniversary for Brendan and Mary

WHEN asked what the secret to a long and genuinely happy marriage is, Port Franklin resident Mary Scott said of Brendan, her husband of 55 years as at June 19, […]

Welshpool school’s gentle office “face” bids farewell

THE gentle “face” of Welshpool and District Primary School’s office is bidding farewell after nearly a quarter of a century of looking after and out for students and their families […]

New South Gippsland Hospital operating theatre soon ready for service

WHILE its external cream and lichen modernist asymmetry may not appeal to all, there is little doubt that every patient undergoing a surgical procedure will come to appreciate what is […]

ViPlus factory extension means more product and jobs

A 3000-square-metre extension currently being built on to the ViPlus Dairy Pty Ltd factory at Toora will literally mean more product and so more jobs. ViPlus Dairy chief executive officer […]

A life of medical and community service a circle to OAM

FOSTER Medical Centre general practitioner Dr Laurie Warfe reckons his life has gone in a full circle, with his present work closely resembling an earlier period in his career when […]

COVID-19 update

Foster and Toora Medical Centres FIRST off, huge congratulations to Dr Laurie Warfe for his OAM. Laurie has been working with us for the last year or so after moving […]

Shire CEO to join regional tourism board

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council chief executive officer (CEO) Kerryn Ellis will soon join the board of regional tourism board Destination Gippsland Limited (DGL) as a director, alongside the CEOs of […]

CFA rolls out $20.5m in donations

Mobile community education vans, ultra-light tankers, station equipment and a transformative volunteer leadership program will be funded thanks to more than $20.5m in donations received over the extreme 2019/20 fire […]

Waratah Bay Ice Cream Co wins awards

It is hard to believe that more than a year has passed since our first summer of ice cream production. Since then, the business has grown and the support and […]

Shire panel endorses COVID-19 support package

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council’s administration panel voted to endorse the first stage of the municipality’s $2 million COVID-19 Community Support Package at the ordinary meeting held in Leongatha on Wednesday […]

Early whale spotting

• Local naturalist Rohan Bugg got the surprise of this life on Sunday afternoon when he witnessed a whale 150 metres off the rocks at Cape Liptrap. The whale was […]

Shire panel to adopt 2020 property valuation

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council’s administration panel is expected to “receive and adopt” the 2020 general valuation of property throughout the municipality at the ordinary meeting to be held at Leongatha […]

COVID-19 Update

Foster and Toora Medical Centres ALONG with everyone else, we are pleased that our (Australia/Victoria/South Gippsland) numbers of COVID-19 are so low and that life is returning to a new […]

New, larger amenities block for Waratah Bay Caravan Park

CONSTRUCTION work is expected to begin in June 2020 on a new, and larger than originally planned, amenities block at the Waratah Bay Caravan Park. Instead of two showers and only […]

New, larger amenities block for Waratah Bay Caravan Park

CONSTRUCTION work is expected to begin in June 2020 on a new, and larger than originally planned, amenities block at the Waratah Bay Caravan Park. Instead of two showers and only […]

Foster Show upgrades on the way

THE Foster & District Agricultural Show will receive $90,309, to renew and reinvigorate their show grounds, under the Regional Agricultural Show Development Grants program.  Member for Monash, Russell Broadbent said […]

Bruce’s mystery “critter” breaks out of trap

AN as-yet unidentified mystery “critter” has literally broken out of a sturdy steel mesh trap set to catch predators on Bruce Hammet’s property in Kerrs Road south of Fish Creek. […]

“Step up” to lead communities

SOUTH Gippsland people of all ages and from all walks of life are invited to “step up” and learn how to lead their local communities’ groups and organisations. The South […]

Parcels pile in and out of district post offices

PARCELS of every size and shape are piling in and out of post offices throughout the Corner Inlet district in volumes far greater than the annual mid- to late-December Christmas […]


Foster and Toora Medical Centres WE are excited to announce finally that the Respiratory Clinic is complete and open for business. After weeks of preparation and modification of the ‘rail […]

Remark on shire’s plan for 2020 to 2024 “THE people of South Gippsland” are invited to remark on the South Gippsland Shire’s proposed council plan for 2020 to 2024. The […]

Shire listens to Sandy Point community on caravan park location

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council has listened to the Sandy Point community’s views on its wish to keep the coastal township’s existing caravan park at its present location. Local consultation on […]

Shire designs $2m COVID-19 support for South Gippsland

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council’s administration panel and senior staff have designed a unique $2 million community support package to help individual residents as well as small businesses through and beyond […]

Comments invited on shire’s 2020/21 draft budget

COMMENTS are invited from the community on the South Gippsland Shire’s draft annual budget for 2020/2021 by 5 pm on Thursday May 28, 2020. The draft budget is now available […]

COVID-19 update

Foster and Toora Medical Centres Arguably the biggest news this week was the unexpected arrival of a large order of flu injections. This lead to a very successful third drive-through […]

Explosion of colour and creativity in Yarram

HEESCO Khosnaran, a famous Mongolian born street artist, has finished painting 10 large walls in Yarram and said he found it a big challenge but really enjoyable. “I have loved […]

Andrew’s Gardiner engine arrives at Fish Creek station

A FINELY wrought and carved metal and timber steam engine has now arrived at Fish Creek’s railway station, right beside the composting bins of the Fish Creek Community Garden. Designed and built […]

Shire runs from a myriad of homes

SOUTH Gippsland Shire is running from a myriad of homes as well as from its outdoor depots during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the council’s administration panel, officers and indoor staff […]

The quiet gentle optimism continues

Foster and Toora Medical Centres IT has been another week of consolidation of some of the changes we have previously talked about.  The Respiratory Clinic-end is almost finished and we should […]

Communities offer “comforts and hopes” during COVID-19 times

ENGLISH statesman and philosopher Francis Bacon once wrote that “…adversity is not without comforts and hopes”, and Corner Inlet’s communities are certainly rallying to offer both during these strange times of […]

Cautious optimism but we need to continue

Precinct Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update  CAUTIOUS optimism over the past week is creeping in as the figures show a slowing of the numbers of COVID-19 in Victoria and Australia. This has been […]


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