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Responses, ideas wanted on draft Fish Creek Community Plan

ALL sorts of feedback, including considered responses, new ideas, and further suggestions as to what issues and aims are important to local people, are wanted on the draft Fish Creek Community Plan – 2030 and Beyond by Sunday June 30, 2024.

The five-page document, most recently updated in May of this year and known colloquially as the “Fishy Town Plan”, has been circulating in and around the Fish Creek district since November 2023.

The Town Plan is a project of the Fish Creek Community Development Group (FCCDG) and its content is based entirely on the views of local people as gathered by a FCCDG sub-committee led by Jeff Entrop.

During the past two years, Jeff and his team have actively sought the opinions of members of the Fish Creek community at FCCDG meetings and town events, via Fishy News, and through informal chats with residents.

FCCDG president Karen Dorling and secretary Marge Arnup are inviting everyone in the wider Fish Creek area to ensure that any contributions they wish to make towards the Town Plan are lodged on or before the June 30 deadline.

“We’re hoping to generate as much feedback from the community as possible in order for the completed Fishy Town Plan to be an accurate reflection of what local people want and hope Fish Creek to be,” they said.

“In the past three months, copies of the draft have been sent to all of the town’s clubs, groups and organisations,” Marge said.

“It has also been made available at the Fish Creek Hotel, and in our local cafes, at the Fish Creek Post Office and the General Store and Pharmacy, and has been given out to interested individuals, too.” 

“The Town Plan is intended to provide an outline of what we, as the community, feel is important for Fish Creek in the future, and is designed to reflect the community’s wishes,” Karen said.

“Such a statement, one that stems from and is mandated by the whole community, is vital when applying for grants and funding opportunities from all levels of government and other sources,” she said.  

“The FCCDG is now making a final call to the community to make sure locals ‘have a say’ in planning for our future and encouraging everyone to review the draft Fish Creek Community Plan – 2030 and Beyond between now and June 30, 2024.”

To date, the draft Plan has a short yet comprehensive description of Fish Creek, including its history and culture, geography, its local businesses, industries, activities and events, and its community groups, organisations and services.

Past achievements, current community projects, and some of the visions for the future that have been identified so far, are also noted in the draft Town Plan.

Those who would like to obtain a copy and/or provide feedback on the draft Fish Creek Community Plan – 2030 and Beyond, or to suggest, support, sponsor, or invest in one or more of the Fish Creek community’s projects, please contact FCCDG president Karen Dorling on 0427 832 502 or secretary Marge Arnup on 0427 881 440.

Alternatively, attend the next bimonthly meeting of the FCCDG in the Fish Creek Hotel’s Oberon Room on Wednesday June 12, 2024 starting at 7 pm or the following meeting on Wednesday June 26, 2024.

Connect on social media via www. or or on Instagram @fishcreek3959

You can also send an email to the FCCDG via [email protected]


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