Rural living

Planning permit requirements

Below is an excerpt from the 22.08 Rural Dwellings Policy

Application Requirements

  • An application for a dwelling must include:
  • A site analysis outlining notable features of the site and surrounding area including
  • topography, vegetation, existing buildings and works, roads (made and unmade), utility
  • services, easements, soil type and other relevant features.
  • A Whole Farm Plan with any application to use and develop a lot for a dwelling in association with an agricultural activity.
  • A report that addresses this policy.
  • A detailed set of plans, drawn to scale, showing:
  • Site layout, including property access.
  • Floor plans and elevations.
  • External building materials and colours.
  • Location of wastewater system and effluent fields

Taken into consideration should also be information on the South Gippsland Planning Scheme page.