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Pursuant to Section 52(1) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 The land affected by the application is  located at 725 Walkerville Road Tarwin Lower VIC 3056 Being L 2 LP93087 Parish of Tarwin Sth.

The application is for a permit to:  Use of the land for place of assembly (music festival), carpark and camping ground and Licenced Premises – Amendment to plans, permit allows statement and conditions.

The applicant for the permit is:  Red Hill Entertainment Pty. Ltd.  The Application Reference Number is: 2016/79/A

You may look at the Application and any documents that support the Application at the office of the Responsible Authority. This can be done during office hours and is free of charge. Applications are also available to be viewed on Councils Website at

South Gippsland Shire Council
Private Bag 4,
9 Smith Street,
Leongatha 3953

Office Hours: 8.30am – 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.
Telephone: 5662 9200

Any person who may be affected by the granting of the permit may object or make other submissions to the Responsible Authority. An objection must:

  • be sent to the Responsible Authority in writing,
  • include the reasons for the objection and
  • state how the objector would be affected.

If you object, the Responsible Authority will tell you its decision.

Privacy Notification:

The Responsible Authority must make a copy of every objection available at its office for any person to inspect during office hours free of charge until the end of the period during which an application may be made for review of a decision on the application.

The Responsible Authority will not decide on the application until 14 days after the date of this Notice.

Signature for the Application:
K. Coppins
Date: July 4, 2018.


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