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Why did the chicken cross the road?

• Confusion reigns as Brandii Baird and Storm Maclean negotiate the crossing on the main street

BECAUSE it was safe to do so.

The streetscape in Foster is complete and the final flourish was the addition of paved crossings throughout the main street.

The problem is many pedestrians and drivers don’t know who gives way to who leading to a load of confusion and concern that someone will get injured.

John Moylan, an Engineer with the South Gippsland Shire Council, said the problem is not exclusive to Foster and that much of it is due to driver ignorance.

“We are meeting the line marking company in Foster on Tuesday January 9,” he said.

“We are putting as much pressure as possible on them to paint some stencilled signs on the footpaths at all the crossing points stating, ‘Pedestrians must give way to cars’ as quickly as possible.”

Some residents of Foster incorrectly believe that cars should always give way to pedestrians and a local tradesman was on the receiving end of a rather rude gesture when he slowly drove over the crossing when someone had commenced crossing.

John Davies from the Foster Chamber of Commerce is pleased that traffic is slowing down but has met with engineers from the Council to push for clarification by way of stencilled signs on the footpath.

So, the message from Council is that pedestrians must give way to cars and they would like drivers to understand that as well because when they stop and insist that pedestrians cross in front of them they are only adding to the problem


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