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Welshpool RTC strengthening its local Kindergarten

•  Tyke, Pippa, Emily & Dustin with educator Mikayla.

THE Welshpool kindergarten was thrilled to receive a very generous donation from the Welshpool Rural Transaction Centre (RTC) to support an identified need in resources and equipment for the service.

The kindergarten utilised the funds to purchase a wonderful portable sensory nook space for quiet learning, reflection, reading, exploration and creativity. The sensory nook creates an encapsulated environment that can positively influence mood, reduce challenging behaviour & lower anxiety levels. 

“Our indoor kindergarten environment is quite an open space and we are so pleased to now have a place for children to go when they are seeking some quiet time.” says teacher Margaret Leithhead. “The nook is also portable so it allows for us to move it around the room each term depending on how we have set up the space for engagement and play, allowing for great flexibility of our learning space. We are very thankful to the Welshpool RTC for their kind donation to our kindergarten program.

“With up 20 children inside on a wet and rainy day there is often a higher level of noise and we look for ways to create calm within the space for children to engage and learn. The sensory nook will be a great asset and support those children looking to take a break from the busy kindergarten environment.”

The kindergarten will teach the children about using the sensory nook space as a place of calm reflection, symmetry and self-reflection.

Since its establishment as a standalone kindergarten in 2020, Welshpool kindergarten continues to have a strong enrolment base with 20 children enrolled in 3 & 4 year old kindergarten in 2022. The increasing numbers of children accessing the Welshpool kindergarten is great news for our local community and local primary school. It demonstrates the continued pattern and trend of families moving to the region and enjoying the work life balance and enjoying the benefits of living and raising a families in rural communities.


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