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• Kristy Wilson and Malcolm Beasley in front of their very complementary works at Meeniyan Art Gallery.

KRISTY Wilson and Malcolm Beasley are both art teachers at Wonthaggi Secondary College.

When Kristy asked Malcolm if he knew anyone who would share the exhibition space with her he suggested he would like to.

“She said yes immediately, sight unseen,” says Malcolm. “The confidence she showed in me gave me confidence.”

“I am interested in capturing memories,” says Kristy. “Those fleeting moments that may disappear in the blink of an eye or a turn of the head.”

Malcolm has a passion for space and form, for light on surfaces and for shadows.

“I work with plaster, stone, steel, ceramic, fiberglass, latex and a variety of patinas, acrylics and varnishes to render the ephemeral substantial,” explains Malcolm.

Hence the title of the show – ephemera – things that exist for only a short time.

Kristy has done art for as long as she can remember and this large body of work was completed in just 11 months.

“I worked on my dining room table,” said Kristy. “I did have a room set up but my daughter took it over.”

She is an artist through and through. “I live it, breathe it and teach it.”

“Kristie originally trained as a ceramicist,” says Michael. “So when I was doing some ceramic pieces there was that frisson.”

They bounced ideas off each other and their relationship flourished during the whole process.

“As teachers we like to model behaviours rather than say I told you so,” says Malcolm.

These two teachers are fantastic role models for their students and this exhibition has been a very successful collaboration.

A huge crowd came along to the opening on July 2 and if you didn’t make it along then you can still get to see this exhibition until July 30.


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