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ViPlus factory extension means more product and jobs

• Nutritional milk powder manufacturer ViPlus Dairy Pty Ltd’s new 3000-square-metre warehouse is nearing completion along the northern boundary of the company’s Toora site.

A 3000-square-metre extension currently being built on to the ViPlus Dairy Pty Ltd factory at Toora will literally mean more product and so more jobs.

ViPlus Dairy chief executive officer Jon McNaught said that when the new warehouse comes into service, the production of the company’s award-winning nutritional milk powders is expected to rise by about 30 per cent.

“We’re actively recruiting right now,” he said.

“Another five people have been trained up and they started work here last week.”

Mr McNaught said the warehouse was being constructed along the north side of the ViPlus site as an addition to the existing boiler house.

“The new building can be seen the best from along the Great Southern Rail Trail,” he said.

“Quite a few Toora residents, especially those whose properties back on to the Rail Trail, have told me they’ve been enjoying watching the warehouse going up during the past couple of months!”

Mr McNaught said processing and packing equipment for the warehouse should be arriving within the next four or five weeks, and that the new machinery may be up and running by the end of July.

“Extending the factory will allow an expansion of the overall amount of the 80 different product lines we make here at Toora.

“We buy dehydrated milk from Burra Foods at Korumburra and Fonterra at Darnum and then manufacture our various nutritional milk powders,” he said.

“Even though the COVID-19 pandemic did lead to the country being largely shut down, which mostly affected transport and logistics, our production continued and soon will be increasing.”

ViPlus Dairy products were recently awarded seven gold and 21 silver medals in the 2020 Dairy Industry Association of Australia’s Australian Dairy Product Competition.

ViPlus entered 28 products in this year’s event, which was also the fourth consecutive year the company has won gold medals in what it described as “an excellent result”.

South Gippsland Shire Council administration panel member Christian Zahra said ViPlus Dairy Pty Ltd was “a significant employer of people in South Gippsland.

“The company has been making great progress with its expansion project, and it is not far off completing it,” he said.

“Since the start of its new building project and during the next 10 or 12 months, ViPlus will be making a $10 million or $12 million investment in the local area.

“ViPlus has also made a contribution in another way, when the company contacted South Gippsland Shire and told us ‘we’ve got about 50,000 face masks here’, which was very welcome news to us and our frontline health care workers” Mr Zahra said.

“Employers like ViPlus go the extra mile to help their workers and their communities.”

Mr McNaught said that more information about jobs and careers at ViPlus Dairy Pty Ltd is available on the company’s website at www.


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