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Two new CFA members jump on board

• David Jones welcomes new recruits Jason Midwinter and Tim Gooding to Foster CFA with trainer James McIntyre.

FOSTER CFA welcomed two new members, Tim Gooding and Jason Midwinter, on Friday September 8.

“Tim and Jason are now the proud owners of nice new protective equipment and have been given a pager so that as of now they’ll be able to hop up on the fire truck and head out to an incident,” said CFA Captain David Jones.

They have to do mandatory minimum skills training and Friday saw the conclusion of that training.

“They have to do ‘burn over’ training which actually means if they get caught in a wild fire they’re taught how to use the truck to protect themselves with the spray system we have on the truck,” David explained.

It has been difficult to schedule this last bit of the training because of the weather.

Jason’s sister, Sarah O’Hare, is 3rd lieutenant at Foster CFA so it’s a real family affair.


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