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Transportable Bag Radio rollout has begun

MEMBERS of CFA’s South Gippsland (District 9) personnel undertook a familiarisation and training session last Wednesday at the Toora CFA Station in preparation for the use of the brand new Transportable Bag Radios (TBRs).

CFA’s Project Officer Lowan Sist and Lior Elovitch were on hand to introduce the features and to explain the operation of the new Transportable Bag Radios. Lior is a RF Systems Engineer and is one of the developers of the new Transportable Bag Radio.

The Transportable Radio Project has enabled the replacement of 10,000 hand-held and vehicle mounted analogue-only radios with new digital capable models. Victoria Police and the DSE are to receive the old radios – which have been in use of 17 years – for use as parts.

The final phase of the Radio Replacement Project is now underway, with some CFA captains, deputy group officers and group officers receiving state-of-the-art Transportable Bag Radios (TBRs) for use in their personal vehicles.

The TBRs fit into a tailor-made compact bag, which complete with accessories such as 230v and 12v leads, loudspeaker, control head, antenna and GPS – weigh only 7.5kg. A Transportable Bag Radio can be easily stored within a car or ute behind the front seat or on the parcel shelf and is secured by its seat-belt style buckles.

The TBR can be removed quickly and transferred from one vehicle to another, or from vehicle to a building where it can be powered from the mains supply. These radios can also be used in the field powered by a stand-alone car battery.

Via GPS tracking, which operates at a powerful 25 watts, CFA headquarters can, at the push of a button, be immediately alerted that a unit has reached its destination at an incident and again when it arrives back at the station.


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