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The Lion King Kids

FOSTER Primary School held its school production during the last week of term.  The Lion King Kids.  Directed by music and art teacher Mr Nick Carver it had been a long time coming as the performance had been shut down from the pandemic last year.

Recruiting new cast members was easy with the group of talented students here at the school.  Simba – Tom & James, Mufasa – Archer, Sarabi -Millie, Nala – Alex, Rafikis – Milly, Noah, Perry, Holly and Milla.  Zazu – Rosalie, Pumbaa – Abbey, Timon – Zephyr, the Hyenas Banzai – Will, Ed- Cody & Shenzi – Mila, Scar – Willow.

Costumes were designed and made with love by Janine Best from Inside Out Clothing and her helpers Nick, Jenny Voros, Michaela Dempsey, Laara Eames and the students.

Stage manager was Louisa Vale.  Backstage crew – Noah, Jackadam, Harrison, Josh, Zarli. Hair by Sarah DeCort, Brianna Jones & Eva Sinopoli.  Makeup by Alyssa Allan, Bree Allan, Mimi Vale, Leisel Burrow, Isabel Armstrong, Brianna Jones, Dana Couper, Emily Wallace and Charlotte Tay.  It was great to welcome past students back to help out, considering the disappointment they felt last year having to cancel the show.

Sound Brett Van Horn and Mark Drury, Lighting Gary Boast.

Thank you to our Parents and Friends Group, especially Shannon Gee and Brenda Accardi who sold pop corn and raffle tickets, raising over $1400 for the school.  Another big job is the ticketing, we trialled a new online booking system this time which saved a lot of work, thank you Jenny and Kylie for administering the ticketing system.  With three shows in total, two evening and one matinee session, there was standing room only at the final show. The students had a wonderful time, sang and danced their hearts out.  Thank you Mr Carver for all your hard work pulling this magnificent show together.  Now we can all enjoy a break over the holidays.  Photos with thanks to Emily Green and Jenny Young.


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