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Terrific team in Toora

MP Danny O’Brien, Dr Sue Plowright, Luke Haustorfer and Cr Ray Argento with the Toora Youth Committee.

ON a wild and wet Friday afternoon last week the students at Toora Primary School welcomed Cr Ray Argento and MP Danny O’Brien to a special presentation.

The students have been working with Dr Sue Plowright from Federation Uni to come up with a project that is important to them.

Sunday, one of the students, opened the proceedings by explaining they were called the Toora Youth Committee.

They are passionate about saving wildlife.

One by one they spoke passionately about a subject that confronts everyone as they drive on the roads. Road Kill.

Tom said that whenever he goes to Fish Creek, Agnes Falls, Mirboo North or Silcocks Hill he always sees dead wild life.

“It’s all because of cars. I like the ideas put forward in ‘Reducing the incidence of wildlife roadkill’ put forward by Sustainable Tourism in Tasmania,” he said.

“Escape routes are a great idea. They are little bridges built across ditches on the sides of roads.”

Chea wants to see a canopy crossing built. She explained that it works by tying a rope between two trees, one of which is on the other side of the road.

“This will help tree dwelling animals like koalas, possums and squirrel gliders that usually have to cross the road.”

She also wants to see a mini underground road that allows ground dwelling animals to cross the road. These would include wombats, kangaroos and echidnas.

She urged everyone to call 0427 301 401 if they come across an injured animal.

MacKenzie said the problem could be much worse than we think because injured animals may crawl away into the bush to die. He wants to see donation tins put around so that money can be raised for information centres with phone numbers and details about what to do if you find a stressed or injured animal.

Django suggested that everyone put the number to report injured wildlife into their phone.

“It’s 0427 301 401,” he said. “I want to see more signs warning about animals and free training courses to teach people how to save the animals. You always need to check their pouches.”

Rose encouraged everyone to keep their cats inside or put bells on them, so they won’t kill wildlife. She gave out the number for the wildlife shelter which is 0435 582 269.

MacKenzie thanked everyone for coming and gave special thanks to Sue Plowright. “Without her none of this would have happened.”

MP Danny O’Brien said he was very impressed and that the students were great public speakers and Cr Ray Argento said that his children had gone to Toora Primary School. He said that Council is looking into a cat curfew.

Principal Luke Haustorfer said the children were caring and compassionate and he thanked Dr Sue Plowright for giving her time and support.

Sue thanked the children for giving her so much joy and then everyone enjoyed a sausage sizzle.


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