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Terrific start to the Kindergarten year

• Franklin, Jive and Killick enjoying lunch (and a little social distancing) at Fish Creek Kindergarten.

Prom Coast Centres for Children services at Fish Creek, Foster, Toora and Welshpool have had a terrific start to the Kindergarten year. Enrolments at all four services are strong with the delivery of multi-aged kindergarten for 3 & 4 year old children and children are settling in well to their Kindergarten routines. 

The multi-age 3 & 4 year old kindergarten groups offer unique opportunities for learning and development. “Our educators have set up flexible spaces and differentiated experiences that allow children to learn effectively,” said Early Years Manager Wil Pruyn. “The children are supported to access resources, materials and experiences that match their interests and skills as well as those that challenge them to extend their capabilities. In the multi aged setting we find the children develop friendships and engage in learning just as they would in a same age setting with the added bonus of being able to access peer support and lead learning from other children. These opportunities also offer the children to develop more sophisticated social and communication skills”.

With the return of our 3 year old children for their second year of Kindergarten, our educators are excited by the opportunities to support and extend the learning of these children who are already very comfortable and relaxed in their Kindergarten environment. These children have arrived ready for learning and our teams are ready to take them to the next level in their educational journey.

This year kindergarten families have benefitted from significant fee relief following the Victorian Government’s announcement offering Free Kindergarten to our Sessional Programs in Toora, Welshpool and Fish Creek and significant fee reductions to those accessing Kindergarten in our integrated long day care setting in Foster.

Enrolments are strong at all services and with Toora Kindergarten at 19 enrolments, Welshpool Kindergarten 19 enrolments, Fish Creek Kindergarten 35 enrolments and Foster Kindergarten 30 enrolments

Following the heavy COVID-19 restrictions last year the Kindergartens are looking forward to welcoming families back into their Centres to become active in supporting the Kindergartens in maintenance, fundraising and creating social opportunities for new and existing families to the area. With quite a few new families moving to the area our focus is also on connecting these families to our existing Kindergarten communities.


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