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Ten-year lease for motorcycle club

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council has approved a new ten-year lease with the Corner Inlet Motorcycle Club Inc (CIMCC) for Council’s land at 2746 Meeniyan Promontory Road, Yanakie.

The former lease expired on 30 August 2014, but it contained a clause which enabled the CIMCC to remain on the site on a month-to-month basis while the conditions of a new lease were finalised. Council resolved to draft a new lease at its August 2014 meeting.

Mindful of the concerns of neighbours, some major changes have been made to the lease. Specifically, there are new obligations for the CIMCC, enforceable by Council, regarding noise control and monitoring, managing revegetation and rehabilitation, and mitigating dust.

Club vice-president Peter Bohn said he was pleased to hear the outcome of what has been a lengthy negotiation process.

“A new ten-year lease gives the club some certainty so we can put in place some new infrastructure, such as new toilets and other upgrades,” he said. “It’s a good solution for both parties.”

He said the club has long been affiliated with Motorcycling Victoria and Motorcycling Australia. He and another club member have undertaken training in noise monitoring with Motorcycling Australia and have the equipment and the know-how to check bikes. “We ensure that riders keep the noise of their bikes down and that their bikes are well maintained so that they don’t make excess noise. It is all very controlled and under the Motorcycling Australia banner,” he said.

The club currently has more than 30 single memberships and around 75 family memberships – which takes total membership to over 150.

Club practice days are held monthly from February to December. The club also holds junior training days and hosts a round of the Classics and of the Gippsland Motocross series. The track is in use about 16 days each year – but not in the peak summer holiday period from late December through January.

In the new lease the leased area has been reduced to include the motorcycle track only and informal use of the overflow car park. The adjoining reserve is now used for an NBN tower.


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