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• Mayor Ray Argento and Chamber of Commerce President John Davies both pleased with progress on the Streetscape in Foster.


• Work is progressing at a good rate, with the disruptions to locals being kept to a minimum

“THEY are most of the way there,” said President of Chamber of Commerce, John Davies.

By the end of the month they will have finished all the street work but then they’ve got all the furniture and the intersections outside the pub and on the other side to complete.

“Chamber of Commerce really have got doubts about the validity of changing the road down to one lane because when traffic comes past the ANZ it naturally turns into two lanes,” John said. “ It will be up to the Shire.”

Mayor Ray Argento said they’ve got texturing work to do then it will be back to business as usual. “There will be just minor interference from now on.”

John said that people have been really good about it all and very accepting. “Some people are even excited. There are more excited ones than angry ones.”

“The weather has been really good for this time of year. It either rains at night or on the weekend. Another couple of months and it will be all done.”

The Mayor said that the works at Yarram had gone really well. “They removed the power lines there.”

“That is my big regret,” said John. “Years ago it was going to cost $800,000, to remove the powerlines in Foster. Now it would be even more expensive.”


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