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Storm recovery update

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council’s Infrastructure Maintenance Team and local contractors have been working hard to repair damaged roads and to clear fallen trees following the severe storm event that occurred in June.

The storms caused an estimated $17M damage to the region and are still expected to take several months to repair. 

641 roads were impacted by the storm but the teams have been progressively working to reduce that number, clearing trees from roadsides, repairing damaged road pavement, clearing blocked culverts and addressing minor landslips. 63 roads have been fixed so far with over 3,600 labour hours contributed to storm recovery. 

The region was also impacted by landslips, the most significant being at McCartins Road at Turtons Creek which has now been repaired. The repair required the instalment of rock benches, starting with large rocks to provide a solid base and coming up in layers of decreasing sized rock to create interlocking layers. The culvert in the middle of the slip site was removed and replaced at a shallower depth that will make it easier to maintain and clean.

Council’s Emergency Management Team has also been busy calling over 200 residents to check whether they need assistance and directing them to appropriate support services as needed. 

A dedicated Storm and Flood Hotline has also been established by Bushfire Recovery Victoria that helps people to register for a clean-up on private property and provides access to a dedicated Recovery Support Worker. Information on mental health, financial health and possible payment support is also available.

The hotline can be reached on 1800 560 760. Wendy Ollington, South Gippsland Shire Council’s Manager Infrastructure Maintenance said, “All but 29 roads have now been inspected and repair works are either in progress or in the process of being scheduled.

The works will take some time to complete but we are pleased with the work that has occurred so far. We would like to thank our community for their support and patience.” 


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