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Stage 2 Water Restrictions for Fish Creek

STAGE 2 “SAVE” Water Restrictions will apply to South Gippsland Water’s Fish Creek customers from midnight tomorrow (Thursday March 3).

The Battery Creek Water Supply System, which services Fish Creek, is a small changeable water supply system heavily influenced by the climate and draw-down from farms on the township fringe. As a result of the dry spring/summer conditions and local farm water supplies being low, South Gippsland Water has seen a sharp decline in storages, as a number of these properties now turn to the Corporation’s water supplies to supplement farm-held supplies.

Spring rainfall in 2015 has been confirmed as the region’s lowest on record since the late 1930s. This, along with continued dry weather conditions over summer, has reduced reservoir inflows even when rain has fallen. Reservoir levels for the Battery Creek Water Supply System are currently (as at February 24) at 57 per cent.

These low storage levels, and a continued forecast for warm dry weather conditions, has led to Stage 2 “SAVE” Water Restrictions being activated. The Corporation warns that if this weather pattern continues, Stage 3 Water Restrictions can be expected to be activated for Fish Creek in the near future.

South Gippsland Water managing director Philippe du Plessis said, “All customers of the Battery Creek Water Supply System are urged to elevate water conservation practices for households, businesses, community and recreational facilities.

“These “SAVE’’ measures are being put in place now as the township needs to conserve water supplies until such time that autumn/winter rains can replenish storages. The Corporation will closely monitor storage levels and will activate higher level restrictions as required.”

A key requirement of Stage 2 Water Restrictions is that commercial and household lawns can no longer be watered. Watering systems must only be used between the hours of 6am-8am and 6pm-8pm on alternate days*.

Specific requirements apply to sporting grounds and local community groups should contact the Corporation for further information.

Customers are encouraged to visit the South Gippsland Water website or contact South Gippsland Water’s Customer Service Team on 1300 851 636 for further information regarding Stage 2 Water Restrictions.

*Alternate days means odd numbered houses can water on odd dates of the month and even numbered houses can water on even dates. Both odd and even numbered addresses can water on the 31st of the month. Where there is an address without a number, the property is considered an even number.


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