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South Gippsland Hospital appoints four Life Governors at 81st AGM

• Jan Bull, Nan Mackay, Dawn Allan and Dr Peter Longmore were all appointed as Honorary Life Governors of the South Gippsland Hospital in Foster at the Hospital’s 81st Annual General Meeting 2021/2022 held on Thursday February 23, 2023.

FOUR new Honorary Life Governors were appointed to the South Gippsland Hospital (SGH) in Foster at the Hospital’s 81st Annual General Meeting for 2021/2022 held on Thursday February 23, 2023.

SGH Board of Directors Chair Sue Pilkington congratulated all four award recipients; retired Board members Dr Peter Longmore, Dawn Allan, and Jan Bull, together with long-term and continuing SGH Auxiliary member Nan Mackay.

“Honorary Life Governors have been appointed at South Gippsland Hospital from the time the Hospital was established until 2007,” Ms Pilkington said.

“The Board re-established this award in 2018 to again formally recognise the contribution of individuals to the health service. 

“The Honour Board in the foyer of the Hospital is a permanent and public acknowledgement of the many people appointed as Honorary Life Governors, all of whom who have contributed to the health service we see today.

“This year we are honouring a long-serving member of the Hospital Auxiliary, and three Board members who completed their service at June 30, 2022,” she said.

“All three members were Directors during some of the most complex and significant organisational changes and challenges South Gippsland Hospital and the health sector has experienced.”

Dr Longmore served as SGH Board Director from early 2017 to mid-2022 and was appointed by the then Department of Health and Human Services after the release of the Duckett Report, which recommended appointing Registered Clinicians to all Victorian health service Boards. 

Current Board member Dr David Pollard told the meeting that, “it was our very good fortune that the Department selected someone with Peter’s extensive experience in obstetrics, gynaecology and health administration.

“The Board observed first hand Peter’s clinical expertise in identifying, assessing and advising on obstetric practice and woman-centred care in our health service and his always astute observations about obstetrics and maternity care led to enhancements in the way we conduct those services.” 

Dr Pollard said, “Ms Allan was appointed to the Board in July 2016 and played a prominent role in our continuous improvement in recent years. 

“During her tenure Dawn served as Deputy Board Chair, Chair of the Finance Committee and the Board Appointments Committee and was also a member of the Audit and Risk Committee and the Planning Committee,” he said.  

“The considerable expertise Dawn brought to her work on our Board and its Committees has helped shape the future of South Gippsland Hospital.”  

Jan Bull was appointed to the Board in July 2014 and was involved in almost every Board Committee during her tenure, including chairing the Clinical Governance and Quality Committee from 2015 to 2022.

Dr Pollard said, “Jan’s expertise in Human Resources made a valuable contribution to our Board Appointments Committee, of which she was either a Chair or a member on more than one occasion during her eight years on the Board.”

Jan was also a member of the Board Remuneration Committee, and her seven years on the Finance Committee was followed by her present role as Chair of the Bendigo Bank Toora and Foster Community Bank. 

Dr Pollard made special note of Jan’s “many contributions that are not so obvious to everyone.

“Her very wise counsel has assisted and been valued by many Board members over the years, and if help was needed to review policies, write letters, attend staff functions or represent the Board Jan was always involved.” 

Nan Mackay has been a member of the South Gippsland Hospital Auxiliary from 2005 to the present day, and she was nominated by her Auxiliary colleagues in recognition of her nearly eighteen years of service to the Auxiliary. 

She has been involved in a wide range of Auxiliary roles and activities, including designing labels featuring the Hospital logo for jams and other produce, publicising fund-raising events and endeavours, and representing the Auxiliary on other community event committees.

Dr Pollard said, “Nan regularly contributes her considerable baking skills to support the Auxiliary’s many and varied catering jobs, and her ANZAC biscuits are a great favourite at the monthly Farmers’ Markets in Foster. 

“Everything Nan does for, and with, the Auxiliary supports this health service and our community,” he said. 

“We thank Dr Peter Longmore, Dawn Allan, Jan Bull, and Nan Mackay for their service, and their contributions to South Gippsland Hospital and are pleased to recognise that service today by appointing them as Honorary Life Governors.”


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