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Show could be cancelled

THE coming Foster & District Agricultural Show may not be staged, as the committee struggles to secure the services of a secretary.

Speaking to The Mirror, show committee president Noel Afflitto said that the situation had become dire and a deadline had been set: if no one was appointed to the role before the committee’s next meeting on Tuesday, October 9, the event – scheduled to commence on Saturday, February 23, 2019 – would not go ahead.

“I think the only time the show has not been staged in the past 111 years, was during wars and during an outbreak of the equine flu,” he said. “I think there are certain things that are important in this town – the footy club, a good pub, and an ag show is icing on the cake. Those sorts of things engender community spirit. It spins off to other stuff. People actually get interested and engaged in their community.”

Mr Afflitto said the show had a viable committee and enough money to stage the event. It was only the lack of a secretary that remained a problem. But it’s a big problem, he said, since today’s show secretaries are effectively “event managers”.

“The nature of the show is that during the winter the committee is not doing anything. It’s just really now that things are really getting busy,” he said.

“Normally, through the year, you’re able to chip away at the things that need to be done – the enquiries, the emails – but now it’s starting to really ramp up.

“We’ve got plenty of money, every year we’re viable. It’s a good show.” Mr Afflitto said “a very healthy honorarium” went with the role.

 If you are interested in learning more about becoming the show secretary call Noel on 0428 220 040.


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