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Shire to start Toora boat ramp jetty repairs next week

• The Toora boat ramp’s jetty and pontoon will be repaired by the South Gippsland Shire Council, with works expected to start during next week.

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council plans to start repairs to the jetty beside theToora boat ramp on Corner Inlet next week.

The jetty and its associated pontoon is currently closed to users because of damaged decking timbers and floats.

A shire spokesman said the “works are scheduled to begin the week of October 19, with completion expected early November, weather dependent.

“The pontoon is unstable as the timber has softened and has started to rot, and some of the concrete floats are also severely cracked,” the spokesman said.

“The money for repairs will be paid for from existing maintenance budgets and [the jetty and pontoon are] anticipated to reopen in early November.”

Stormy weather during recent weeks possibly accelerated further deterioration of the jetty and pontoon, which was already in poor condition.

The Toora and district community welcomed the news that the jetty and pontoon was going to be fixed after rumours that the jetty had been condemned and was to be demolished had been circulating.

Toora Community Action Team president Anna Hopkins said some locals had indicated they would have been prepared to launch a public protest if the jetty was to be permanently removed.

Other district residents would like to see the channel adjoining the boat ramp and the jetty dredged and cleared, a process which has not taken place for at least 20 years because of questions about which body was actually responsible for the infrastructure as well as environmental concerns.

Funding of about $300,000 had been set aside in the shire’s budget for dredging more than two decades ago and rolled over unexpended year after year in the council budget, but eventually was reallocated.

Some $170,000 of the funding went towards the Agnes Falls cantilever project in October 2017 following a decision made at the September 2017 ordinary council meeting.

The $130,000 balance went to the municipality’s general footpath extension program.

The shire’s administration panel subsequently cancelled the municipality’s involvement with the Agnes Falls cantilever in November 2019, with its already allocated remaining funding of about $460,000, including the $170,000 dredging money, going to other municipal projects.


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