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Shire announces 20 leadership program people

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council has announced the names and postcodes of the 20 people chosen to take part in the 2020 Community Leadership Program.

Selected from a field of 36 applicants, the 20 participants from across South Gippsland will undertake a nine-session program starting in October.

From postcode 3960 are Jennifer Young, Tom Gurnett, Anne Roussac-Hoyne, and Ralph Gallagher.

From postcode 3962 is Tara Hollier, with Josie Cohen from postcode 3957, Miranda Wilson, Katherine Sumaru and Marty Thomas from postcode 3956, and Sue Dutton and Isley Sutherland from postcode 3954.

Nicole Pouw comes from postcode 3953, while Libby Lambert is from postcode 3946.

From postcode 3871 are Robert Waycott, Ruth Rogan, Brad Snell, and Les Harmer, and Ailu Liu, Sarah Kerwick and Brownyn Beach come from postcode 3950.

South Gippsland Shire’s administration panel chair Julie Eisenbise said she was “excited about this year’s program and the skills it will provide to participants.

“We are so pleased to be welcoming this year’s Community Leadership Program participants,” she said.

“The program aims to provide participants with a set of skills that will enable them to effectively work with other people, strengthen their leadership capability, manage conflict, delegate and meet objectives.

“We would also like to thank them – and everyone who took the time to apply – for their interest in taking on a leadership role within the South Gippsland community,” Ms Eisenbise said.

“The program was limited to 20 participants as this was considered an optimal number of participants for this type of learning but we hope to run more programs in the future.

“Leadership can take on many forms. Some people might be interested in learning how to contribute more effectively in their community group or learn how to motivate people or to inspire cooperation. Others might want to engage with Council to effect change,” she said.

“We are looking forward to seeing what skills participants will take from the Community Leadership Program and how that will flow on to our local community.”         

Shire Community Leadership Program Project Officer, Lucinda Young, the spokesperson for the group, said the program will run over six months.

“The program will be delivered as a mix of online and in-person training depending on public health advice,” she said.

“Expert facilitators, drawn from Gippsland and beyond, will be delivering workshops on strategic leadership, board and committee governance, public speaking, emotional intelligence, local government 101, and more.

“The Community Leadership Program will include nine capacity building sessions led by expert facilitators, along with a focus on providing networking opportunities for participants,” Ms Young said.

“The program will have opportunities for personal reflection and access to a range of resources, too.”

For more information about the South Gippsland Community Leadership Program, contact Lucinda Young at the shire on 5662 9200.


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