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Sharing knowledge – sharing fun

EIGHT students of Foster Primary School’s Grade 3 /4 played host recently to a contingent of visitors from Prom Country House, taking them on a tour of the school’s very productive Kitchen Garden.

All of the school’s Grade 3 / 4 students will have the opportunity this year to assist the residents in setting up, preparing and planting crops in their own kitchen garden at Prom Country House. The visit on February 24 was an introduction to what has been achieved within the school’s kitchen garden and to what may be created at Prom Country House.

Elora, Khy, Scott, Sage, Steven, Tige, Leisel, and Sorina escorted their visitors to the garden, pointing out some of the various crops of vegetables and herbs, such as tomatoes, silverbeet, pumpkin, climbing beens, and corn, chives, borage and zucchini.

Seph, Maudie, Stan, Lois, Joan, Malcolm, Elvina, Claude, Una and Eileen were all very impressed with the size and layout of the garden, the abundant growth and the healthy chooks in the nearby henhouse.

The students explained that the first stage of creating a kitchen garden at Prom Country House will be to visit the site, get an indication of size and to assess what is required.

“When we have everything we need, we’ll set up the garden beds first, spread the soil and maybe add some fertiliser,” said Khy.

“Then we’ll plant the seedlings and water them,” said Scott.

The residents will have the opportunity to have a very hands-on part in the set-up and will continue nurturing the plants, with a sharing of knowledge taking place between the residents and the students along the way. Many relish the opportunity to ‘get their hands dirty,’ while some will be content to simply watch as the crops develop.

The introduction of creating a kitchen garden by the students to the residents of Prom Country House is part of a social/emotional learning program, developed under the umbrella of Kidsmatter – a health and well-being initiative which focuses on building relationships with each other and within the greater community, with a focus on friendship and empathy.

The visitors concluded their tour of the garden with a look inside the school’s kitchen where the produce is prepared and cooked, and was followed by a cuppa in the dining room.


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