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Seven have lucky escape as boat capsizes

A BOAT carrying seven people struck trouble attempting to negotiate the entrance to Shallow Inlet last Tuesday.

The seven on board the four metre boat, all aged about 14 to 25, were attempting to travel out of the entrance and onto Waratah Bay and were using the flat-bottomed boat to ‘surf’ the waves.

The group’s fun came to a nasty end as the boat began to take on water and capsized.

Thankfully all on board were wearing life jackets and managed to right the boat and bail out the water.

Unable to restart the motor, they managed to row close enough to shore for four of the party to begin the walk back along the beach. Distressed and tired, three stayed on board.

A woman riding a jet ski alerted those nearby to the events unfolding. Sean Geary, on holiday from Bendigo, and a regular visitor to the area for over thirty years, was able to assist by bringing the remaining boat occupants back to land and rescuing the stricken boat. These three were grateful for Sean’s help. Sean expressed surprise that the party had ventured out of the entrance, which can be very dangerous. The windy weather was also not taken into consideration.

Speaking as a boat operator familiar with the area, Sean said it was of great concern that some visitors to the area are not acquainting themselves with the possible pitfalls of tackling the entrance and are not considering the type of equipment suited to such an endeavour.



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