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Senator’s visit cheers wind farm opponents

THE Bald Hills wind farm has a permit and is now in the construction phase, but opponents of the $300 million 52-turbine project are continuing their fight.

“Nothing’s a lost cause until it has been built,” said Don Jelbart. The Tarwin farmer was among landowners in the vicinity of the wind farm who welcomed a visit last Wednesday from Democratic Labor Party (DLP) Senator John Madigan.

The senator, who has spoken up in parliament on behalf of residents distressed at living close to wind farms, attended a meeting at Tarwin Lower Hall where he listened to the concerns of opponents of the Bald Hills Wind Farm.

The meeting, attended by approximately 40 people, covered a variety of topics including the impacts of wind farms on communities and environments around Australia, as well as the specific concerns regarding the Bald Hills wind farm construction.

Senator Madigan said he has already raised concerns about the Bald Hills wind farm in the senate, and will continue to do so.

Before the meeting the senator took the opportunity to visit Shallow Inlet and Anderson Inlet and was impressed by the variety of vegetation and, in particular, the bird life of the region.

Mr Jelbart said that the potential for the flight path of migratory birds being disturbed by the wind farm was a major concern.

“Today I saw the flourishing environments that this wind farm will not only be disturbing, but potentially destroying,” Senator Madigan said. “The South Gippsland community have genuine concerns about the construction of turbines in an area they has devoted years into cultivating into thriving wetlands brimming with wildlife.”

He added: “This is a resilient community and their fight is a long way from over. I am hopeful that we can get a good outcome which is socially, economically and environmentally responsible.”


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