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WHAT happens to you at Christmas?

Yule be happy!

Ho, Ho, ho! It’s Christmas time again, a time traditionally of good cheer, when people get together in a spirit of loving and giving. It is also, for many, the start of a long summer break, a time to wind down with family and friends after a busy year.

Reflecting on 2010 it quickly becomes apparent that it has been a year of change in so many ways.

On the political front, the changes have been momentous. A cliffhanger federal election resulted in a hung parliament, with the ALP returned to government by the narrowest of squeaks. This, of course, was followed in November by the surprise return of a Liberal/National Coalition to power in Victoria after eleven years in the wilderness.

On the weather front, the changes have been hardly less momentous. The countryside is the greenest it has been for a long time thanks to soaking rains after seven years of drought. With catchments full to overflowing there has been no need for the introduction of water restrictions, while farmers have had to drag out long mothballed gumboots to cope with the return of the mud which used to be such a part of living in South Gippsland.

On the personal front the year has brought love and loss for many in the way of engagements, marriages, births and deaths. The joys and the sorrows that are so much a part of life are felt strongly in a small community such as Corner Inlet where everyone knows everyone else. At the same time it is from the community that many people draw their strength.

Throughout 2010 The Mirror has reported on life in the very special community of Corner Inlet . We’ve done our best to report fairly and we hope we have kept you, our readers, well informed. It has been a team effort, and we thank our contributors and advertisers, those who have shared their stories and photographs and those who have aired their opinions in letters to the editor.

Whatever the changes 2010 has brought to you, dear reader, we hope that there has been more joy than sorrow. Best wishes now for the merriest of Christmases and the happiest of new years from all here at The Mirror –

Proprietors Robert and Jenny Best, office manager Carol Stewart, journalists Wendy Williamson and Fiona Mottram, printer and compositor Wayne ‘Kapil’ Angwin and typesetter Glen O’Neill.


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