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Proposed cantilevered viewing platform at Agnes Falls

• Kathy Whelan and Peter Lee at their beloved Agnes Falls.

AT Public Presentations in Council Chambers on Wednesday, September 20 Kathy Whelan and Peter Lee from Friends of Agnes Falls expressed their gratitude to Mayor Ray Argento for putting forward a motion that could allow for funds to be redirected from the Toora Dredging Project to the Cantilevered Viewing Platform at Agnes Falls.

“I believe this would be more worthwhile and benefit the whole community by boosting tourism and adding to our tourism economy,” said the Mayor.

“It would be wonderful to have this come to fruition as it has been on the books for 3 years,” Kathy said.

She went on to say that Agnes Falls has gone from strength to strength and has been a draw card for the last century.

“Over the last 3 or 4 years visitation has been magnificent. 20 years ago less than 5000 people went there in a year and now that number has grown to 32,000,” she said.

“It is an absolute ‘must see’ destination. We have 1970 followers from 29 countries on Facebook.”

Peter said that tourism knows no boundaries. “Out of 16 waterfalls in the area, Agnes Falls is number one.”

“Councillors have to make a decision, please, please, please concentrate on the cantilever,” he said.

Kathy pointed out that people get themselves into dangerous positions trying to get the perfect shot of the falls.

“They jump over the fence and hold onto the tree. It’s a 59 metre drop,” she said.

The cantilever allows for people to look down at the falls through the floor and also gives a stunning view down into the gorge, which at present is unable to be viewed.

Council voted unanimously last November to commit $350,000 to Agnes Falls but has been unable to secure a grant to match their funds.

It was then not put on the priority project list.

There was some money left in the Toora Dredging Project, which had a very low chance of happening so the Mayor has put forward a motion to redirect those funds to Agnes Falls.

Councillors will vote on the motion on Wednesday September 27.


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