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Port Franklin to get high speed broadband via satellite

THWARTED in its attempt to deliver high speed broadband to Port Franklin via a fixed wireless facility in its chosen location of Mattsons Road, the National Broadband Network Company (NBN Co) now plans a satellite service for the Port Franklin area.

Residents were advised in a letter sent last week.

The service is expected to be operational by late 2015.

News of the planned satellite service has been welcomed by Port Franklin resident Chris Richter, who lobbied against constructing a tower in Mattsons Road, arguing the visual impact would be substantial. He favoured an alternative location in Lawrence Road, but said the satellite service was an even better outcome.

Mr Richter took his case to the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) – and won. VCAT upheld his objection and declined to grant a permit to build the tower.

In his letter, Trent Williams, General Manager, External Affairs for NBN Co, said: “NBN Co remains committed to delivering high speed broadband to every home and business in the South Gippsland region and we look forward to our ongoing constructive relationship with council and the residents of South Gippsland.

If you would like more information about the Long Term Satellite Service, we invite you to visit or call our Contact Centre on 1800 687 626.”

“It’s marvellous!” commented Mr Richter on the satellite announcement. “I’m assuming that the cost of a satellite service will be no more than a service delivered by fixed wireless would have been.”

He said he already had a reasonably good ADSL broadband service, quite fast enough for his family’s needs. “Still, it’s good that we will still be getting the NBN. And we won’t have the visual impact of a tower at all. It’s a fantastic result!”


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