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Glass doors smashed at Toora primary

POLICE are appealing for information relating to an incident in which double glass doors on the new utility building at Toora Primary School were smashed.

The damage occurred some time between 10.30am on Saturday March 19 and 8.30am on Monday March 21.

It would appear that someone took a rock or rocks and hit the glass doors with some force several times, smashing a number of holes in the glass and racking up a costly damage bill.

Anyone who heard or saw anyone acting suspiciously in the vicinity of the school that weekend is asked to contact the police at Toora or Foster police stations.

Car Battery Stolen

POLICE are looking into the theft of a battery from a red twin cab utility parked on the marginal (fishermen’s) wharf at Port Welshpool for three weeks. The ute was there from March 1 to March 21 and the battery was removed some time in that period. Whoever removed it smashed the vent window to gain access to the cabin to get the bonnet up. Police at Toora or Foster would welcome further information on the matter.


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