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Police kept busy as summer population swells

POLICE have been kept busy over the summer period with an influx of holidaymakers into the district creating extra traffic on local roads and swelling the general population. A total of 25 penalty notices have been issued since December 20 by police based at Foster, Toora and Tidal River. The offences range from speeding, doing unsafe U-turns or crossing double lines to failing to wear seat belts, offensive behaviour, or possessing and consuming liquor when under age or in a public place.

Sergeant Neil Coates of Foster commented, however, that police were overall very satisfied with the behaviour of people during the holiday period.

“Since before Christmas up until this week local police at Foster, Toora and Tidal River have conducted approximately 1,000 preliminary breath tests without anyone being charged with exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol,” he said.


POLICE were called to an incident in the car park of the Fish Creek motel at 4.45am on December 19. A 25-year-old Yanakie man was spoken to about driving a motor car at that location. As a result, the man is to be interviewed and charged with a number of serious traffic offences, including driving in a matter dangerous, excessive noise and other associated traffic offences.


A 53-YEAR-OLD Toora woman was fortunate to escape injury in an accident on December 21. The woman was driving south towards Foster on the South Gippsland Highway at about 9.10pm when about 500 metres north-west of McKnights Road her vehicle collided with two cows that had wandered onto the road. Both cows were killed.


AT AROUND 8am on December 26 a trailer came to grief on the South Gippsland Highway at Foster. The boat trailer was being towed by a vehicle driven by a 25-year-old man from Trafalgar when the chain and D-shackle broke. The trailer subsequently came away from the vehicle and careered across the road and into a fence. No-one was injured, but the trailer was damaged.


A MOTORCYCLIST has been fined a total of around $400 and four demerit points following an incident on the Meeniyan-Promontory Road at Fish Creek on January 2. The 50-year-old Warragul man was riding a motorcycle south-east at about 1.35pm when for some unknown reason he lost control and veered off the road. As a result, he was taken by air ambulance to The Alfred Hospital for treatment. The learner rider was riding a 750cc bike when he was only permitted to ride a 250cc bike and was not displaying his L plates.


AT ABOUT 4.20pm on January 4 a vehicle travelling on Black Swamp Road south of Foster was following another vehicle when due to dust and the loose surface the driver lost control on a bend. The vehicle rolled onto its roof. As a result, an 18-year-old Croydon North woman and an 18-year-old Croydon Hills woman sustained minor injuries and were taken to hospital in Foster.


THERE was a head-on collision in Pope’s Road, Wonga at about 5.40pm last Thursday, January 6. Two vehicles collided on a bend. One of the drivers, a 30-year-old man from Wonga, was taken to hospital in Foster, but he did not need to be admitted.


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