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Pedestrian knocked over at Welshpool

IN THE heavy rain last Friday night a woman stepped out onto the South Gippsland highway at Welshpool and was struck by a passing vehicle driven by a man from Fish Creek. The incident occurred at about 9.50pm. The vehicle was travelling very slowly, fortunately, and the woman, a 52-year-old from Welshpool, was not seriously injured. She was taken by ambulance to hospital in Foster and later onto hospital in Melbourne for observation.

Drink driver loses license

A POLICE officer from the Traffic Management Unit at Wonthaggi intercepted a vehicle on the Lower Franklin Road in the early hours of last Sunday morning and issued a penalty notice to the driver, a 22-year-old Yanakie man, because he was found to be drink driving. He was fined $508 and had his licence cancelled immediately for 10 months.

Theft from IGA

A 31-YEAR-OLD Yanakie man has been bailed to appear in court at Korumburra at a future date. The man has been charged in relation to the theft of a serving of meat from the Foster IGA Supermarket at about 5.30pm last Friday.


A CHAIN with pendant were found at Aherns Fruit Market and have been handed into the police station. The owner can claim the chain and pendant from the police station upon identification.


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