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Plea to seal road to Walkerville South “jewels”

South Gippsland Shire Council has been given a plea for funding to seal Walkervillle South Road’s remaining stretch of gravelled surface that leads down to South Gippsland’s “jewels”, the beach and the historic lime kilns.

The Walkerville Ratepayers and Residents Association’s Paul Katsieris put the case for sealing the two-and-a-half-kilometre section to the shire’s proposed annual budget and revised council plan 2017 – 2021 open hearings held in Leongatha on Wednesday May 22, 2019.

In his submission, Mr Katsieris said there was a big increase in the amount of traffic using the road, including the “steep section of gravel that winds its way down to Walkerville South beach.

“We understand that this is a maintenance nightmare for the shire,” he said.

“We are also noticing an increase in drainage problems along this section, too, leading to increased erosion of the cliffsides as well as increasing the danger to road users.”

Mr Katsieris said the association believed sealing the road would improve drainage and safety.

“We request 2019/20 budget consideration for this project because Walkerville South is a real jewel in the shire, and it demands a focus on it,” he said.

Coastal Promontory Ward Cr Alyson Skinner said she thought the gravelled part of the road was, “perilous, and maybe should be pedestrian only, as there are parking problems already at what is a magic beach.”

Mr Katsieris agreed that parking was an issue near the beach, posing a rhetoric question, “where to from here?

“This is a heritage area with the lime kilns, and the beach is a lovely asset, but something needs to be done.”

Acacia Road Footpath Proposed

The Walkerville association also sought funding from the shire for, “a safety pathway” along the eastern side of Acacia Road parallel to and along the length of the Promontory Views estate at Walkerville.

Mr Katsieris told the council that, “currently, there are no footpaths at all, and people have to walk along the road.

“A pathway is becoming increasingly important because of increased traffic and an increasing number of visitors coming to Walkerviile,” he said.

“We are requesting a 2.5-metre-wide gravel path to be built along the Acacia Road firebreak strip, which will also give access to the existing walking track that leads down to the beach from the southern corner of the estate.”Mr Katsieris was thanked for his submission and that its content would be considered by the council.


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