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Picasso Cow uddergoes a transformation


THE children of Toora Primary School are learning lots as their Picasso Cow undergoes a transformation.

Toora Primary is one of nearly 60 schools nationwide participating in the national Picasso Cows Makeover Program.

The makeover program is an extension of Dairy Australia’s popular Picasso Cows initiative, which challenges primary school students to paint a life-sized, fibreglass cow while discovering the health and nutritional benefits of dairy foods like milk, cheese and yoghurt, and learning more about the dairy industry and its contribution to the economy.

Toora Primary opted to adopt the ‘Fuel for Life’ theme. Over the 12 week program, which involved the whole school and was co-ordinated by Grades 2/3/4 teacher Louise Gilbertson, the children looked at vitamins and nutrients found in dairy food and how exercise and a balanced diet contribute to a healthy life.

They repainted the Picasso Cow painted four years earlier, creating ‘Harriet Version 2.0,’ and tracked their experiences along the way in a multi-media learning journal.

“Filming was the best part,” said grade 3 student Django.

There was a host of activities in which to participate, many from the Dairy Australia website. The school also held a milk shake day, promoted healthy lunchboxes all term and arranged a visit to a local dairy farm.

By the end of term last Friday the program had been completed. The assessment of the Picasso Cows and the learning journals will now take place. Six finalists from across Australia’s dairy regions will be chosen, with the national winner announced and awarded a $2,500 cash prize in November.


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