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More new doctors for Foster and Toora Medical Centres

• Foster and Toora Medical Centre has welcomed two more general practitioner registrars to the team of health professionals serving the Corner Inlet community; from left, Dr Louisa Tatton, and Dr Jin Jang, right, who has returned to Foster after training as an anaesthetist.

TWO more new doctors have joined the team of health professionals serving the Corner Inlet community at the Foster and Toora Medical Centre.

General practitioner registrars Dr Jin Jang and Dr Louisa Tatton have now become permanent members of the Centre’s staff and have already settled in quite seamlessly.

Though, in the interests of perfect accuracy, it must be said that Dr Jang has actually returned to Foster, rather than being a recent arrival.

He practised here in the district during 2019, and, as Dr Jang himself clearly puts it, “now I am back in Foster to stay”.

On the other hand, while Dr Tatton is technically new to South Gippsland, her husband and fellow GP registrar Dr Antoun Boulos is already an established part of the Medical Centre.

A glimpse of Wilsons Prom seen from a plane and subsequent exploratory forays sparked a fascination for the area in both Drs B and T, resulting in them making their home at Fish Creek!

Dr Jang is a general practitioner and anaesthetist registrar, who trained in anaesthetics at the Latrobe Regional Hospital in Traralgon throughout 2020. 

He lives in Inverloch with his wife Dianne, who is a dentist with Inverloch Family Dental. 

“My cultural background is Korean, and I was born in Seoul, the capital of South Korea,” Dr Jang said. 

“My family migrated to Sydney when I was 10 years old, and I grew up there and later graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Science degree from the University of Sydney in 2009,” he said.

“I moved to Brisbane after being accepted into the School of Medicine at the University of Queensland and graduated from there in 2014 before working at the Ipswich Hospital near Brisbane for two years.

“Then I jumped into general practice training and started working as a GP in Gympie in Queensland, where I stayed for another two years,” Dr Jang said. 

“Then I got married and moved to Inverloch about four years ago,” he said.

“I’m glad to have come back to the Foster and Toora Medical Centres and to become a part of the South Gippsland community.”

Dr Tatton said she is “a GP just finishing my training through the College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) and awaiting my college fellowship.

“I grew up in urban Melbourne but I’m passionate about rural medicine and am excited to be living in rural Victoria after eight years in Tasmania,” she said.

“My husband and I ended up here after a chance flight bringing a patient to Melbourne took him over the Prom – the idea of moving here was spawned.

“Since coming to visit the area and the practise a few months later we’ve fallen in love with South Gippsland. We haven’t moved that far really!” Dr Tatton said.

“As well as working at the Medical Centre and South Gippsland Hospital, I’ll be spending most Monday afternoons at the Youth Assist Clinic, and when I’m not at work you’ll find me hiking, cycling or digging in our garden!”

Foster and Toora Medical Centre practice partner Dr Phil Worboys said “we are excited to welcome Dr Louise Tatton and Dr Jin Jang to join our team at the Foster and Toora Medical Centre this year. 

“Louisa has finished her GP training in Tasmania and Victoria, and she also has a lot of experience with and a passion for Emergency Medicine,” he said.

“Jin had been with us for his GP registrar training two years ago, before pursuing anaesthetic training at the Latrobe Regional Hospital.

“They are both enthusiastic about rural general practice, compassionate, and very well equipped to add to our health team,” Dr Worboys said.

“With the ever-growing demand for rural healthcare service, we are delighted to have these young doctors on board.”


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