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Meet the candidates at Fish Creek forum

CANDIDATES for the seat of McMillan in the forthcoming federal election, due to take place on July 2, will face the South Gippsland community at a forum in the Fish Creek Hotel next Wednesday, June 22.

“It’s time for Canberra to listen to South Gippsland,” said Garry Eastman from the Corner Inlet Justice Group, which is organising the forum.

“The tables have turned. For the last few months the community has been bombarded by media grabs from the major political parties offering a catalogue of promises. Now the people of South Gippsland are stepping up and putting the candidates standing for the seat of McMillan on notice. It is now time to listen to this community.”

So far Chris Buckingham (ALP), Donna Lancaster (Greens), Russell Broadbent (Liberal) and Jim McDonald (Liberal Democratic Party) have accepted the invitation to participate in the Meet the Candidates night at the Fish Creek Hotel, commencing at 7pm. The invitation is still open to any other candidates who will be standing for the House of Representatives in McMillan.

The public will have the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates and let them know the issues that matter most to the people of South Gippsland.

“The time for crossbench accusations, sweet platitudes and vague promises that might never eventuate is over. The South Gippsland community is now demanding serious commitment to crucial issues like the state of the dairy industry, superannuation, negative gearing, how and where real jobs for their children will be found and the issue that is increasingly alarming a growing number of people, the treatment of asylum seekers,” Garry Eastman said.

“It is vitally important that the candidates know the expectations of this community. While many people are sick of hearing politicians parading their election propaganda, I am hearing many in the local community who are not satisfied with the carefully prepared responses to issues that flood our press, radio and television daily. Before they vote, the community wants commitments. The Corner Inlet Justice Group’s night will allow the people to speak so that their message is taken back to the parties’ headquarters.”

The Corner Inlet Justice Group is hoping to place question boxes in key retail outlets in the district. Boxes are currently at post offices in Fish Creek and Tarwin Lower. Questions can be submitted by email to [email protected].

A similar forum held prior to last year’s by-election in the State seat of Gippsland South proved very successful, and there has been an encouraging response to the Meet the Candidates forum on June 22.

The moderator of the night will be Fish Creek journalist and broadcaster Peter Philp.

The Corner Inlet Justice Group has selected the Fish Creek Hotel because of its location, atmosphere and availability for refreshments. Anyone is welcome to attend. The evening will begin at 7pm


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