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$406,554.00 has been poured back in to the community through the Meeniyan Area Community Shop (MACS).

Each two months the sales are totalled and the hours worked divided into the total takings.

That gives an hourly rate. Each of the volunteers nominate who they would like their hourly amount, less expenses, to go to in the community.

A cheque is made out to those nominated and names are posted in the shop window every two months so the community can see where the funds have gone.

The format for distributing funds was designed by David Vance as a fair and functional way to distribute and has been adopted by other op shops.

MACS began trading ten years ago in the old building in front of The Roadhouse.

About one year later it moved into the shop in front of McCrae’s Engineering.

For nine years that little shop served Meeniyan well. Donations, sales and allocations grew more and more each year.

The little shop was becoming very cramped and unable to accommodate the amount of donations being received so earlier this year they moved into a larger shop across the road in Whitelaw Street.

“We made the transition at the end of May and the new shop has been accepted by staff and shoppers alike,” said MACS President Glenda Williams.

“Donations and volunteers are the lifeline to the successful operation of MACS and without them we would not have been able to allocate $406,554.00 over the last 10 years with $68,000 being allocated last financial year. That’s a massive achievement for a small community.”

During the month of August MACS will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary and invite everyone to come in and view memorabilia from years gone by.

“There will be gift vouchers to be won at the end of August through our free raffle tickets,” said Glenda. “As President of MACS I am privileged to have a great team of volunteers to work with and am humbled to work for the community of Meeniyan.

“Meeniyan is a drive through town and draws customers from vast distances and our Visitors Book displays wonderful comments such as ‘The best Op Shop’ and ‘Lovely staff’.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer just leave your name and contact number at the shop. You don’t have to live in Meeniyan however the allocations must go to the Meeniyan community.


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