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Make a health pitstop at Foster Show

THERE will be a strong focus on men’s health at the forthcoming Foster Show on Saturday February 26, with South Gippsland Hospital Community Health Centre running the Pitstop Men’s Health Program all day at the showgrounds.

Pitstop, a health promotion initiative designed to reach rural men who do not regularly visit the doctor, will be a one-off event at the show, beginning at 9.30am and running through to 3.00pm.

The program is based on a car mechanical theme specifically targeting men and encouraging them to make the time and effort to look after own health and wellbeing just as they would make the time and effort to look after their vehicle.

Participation in Pitstop involves each man travelling through a series of ‘stops.’ These include:

  • ‘Chassis Check’ – Body Mass Index (height/weight/girth);
  • ‘Spark Plugs’ – Prostate (for 40+ years) and testicular (under 40)
  • ‘Oil Pressure’ – Blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol;
  • ‘Fuel Additives’ – Alcohol;
  • ‘Exhaust’ – Smoking;
  • ‘Shock Absorbers’ – Stress.

Participants receive a free maintenance bag at registration, containing brochures, DVD and information on health issues discussed at each ‘stop.’

On completion of all of the ‘stops’ the participant is provided with a ‘Roadworthy Certificate’ or a ‘Yellow Canary’.

The Pitstop program is being run by South Gippsland Hospital Community Health Centre, and is supported by General Practice Alliance (GPA) South Gippsland, Relationships Australia, South Gippsland Health Service, Gippsland Southern Health and Latrobe Valley Community Health Service.


The objectives of the Pitstop Men’s Health Program are:

  1. To effectively promote good health to the community and encourage healthy lifestyles so people will prevent long term chronic illness;
  2. To increase awareness of preventative health issues;
  3. To encourage men to self manage their health and place greater focus on prevention;
  4. To break down the traditional barrier of men not using General Practice services.


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