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Lucky Winner

• Daryl is pictured with Chamber President Justin Wightman and Sheldon and Angie from Foster IGA where Daryl shopped during the draw.

FOSTER Chamber of Commerce & Industrty Inc. Foster Giveaway $5,000 which was drawn on December 20 was won by Foster resident Daryl Talmash.

There were 20,000 tickets issued and about 15,000 returned filled in.

All the $50 voucher prizes have been rung on the 21st and can collect their vouchers from Pulhams.

The Chamber of Commerce would like to thank everyone for shopping locally and getting behind the promotion.  

It was an overwhelming response and way more popular than the Chamber envisaged. 

By shopping locally it keeps your money in town and allows our Foster small businesses to continue to support local clubs, schools and charities.  

When told of his win, Daryl said, “You’re joking!!! Can I swear?  “You bloody beauty!!”, he screamed down the phone.  We wondered what his neighbours were thinking, “what’s going on?” It took some time to sink in that it wasn’t a prank call. He was very grateful to the local Chamber for the win and wanted to thank IGA where he shops regularly. 

Daryl came in the next day and was asked what he was going to do with the money.  He said “I have never been to England and want to go and visit relatives, and visit the “Guard of Honour” where my late father Alan served”.

Having lost his father a few years back he plans on visiting where he served at Buckingham Palace, and also his relatives; something that was out of reach for Daryl until his lucky win in the giveaway. 


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