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Looking forward to the next fifty years when, in 2070 Foster’s 200 year celebrations will be held

WHILE the 150 year celebrations of the finding of gold in Stockyard Creek have been somewhat curtailed by the Corona virus, our community is now invited to look forward to the 200 year celebrations in 2070.  Many of us of course will be there in spirit only, but for those young and enthusiastic members of our community there is a chance that they will be in attendance at the next capsule opening scheduled for 2070.

In order to provide future generations with what things have been like for us living in Foster over the past decades, the Rotary Club of Foster, in conjunction with the 150th Celebrations Committee and the Foster Historical Society is inviting members of the community and local organisations to again contribute to the Time Capsule which will be interred in front of the Historical Society in December this year.  This Rotary Project also coincides with the 100th  Anniversary of Rotary in Australasia. 

Envelopes have kindly been printed by the Foster Mirror and will be available from Rotarians or from the Foster Post Office where Phil Rerden has kindly offered to be the community distribution and collection point for the envelopes.  Envelopes will cost $20.00 with the funds going to the cost of upgrading the capsule, the cost of the envelopes and local Rotary projects. 

Envelopes will be available from the Post Office from 31st August and a record will be kept of those who have taken an envelope for filling with organisation or personal family material.  This will enable the envelopes to be distributed to the nominated recipients in 2070 as happened with the envelopes from the capsule opening, distributed early in 2020.  When the envelopes are completed, Phil is supplying a container into which the envelopes can be stored ready for internment in the capsule.

Rotary members look forward to the community enjoying the challenge of filling the envelopes thus setting aside glimpses of the town’s history from the present day and before.


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