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Long Jetty works on track


Jason Froome, Mason Vickers, Ryan Conway, Project Manager Wes Cahill with Bear are making good
progress at Long Jetty.

SMC Marine’s Project Manager for the Rehabilitation of the Port Welshpool Long Jetty, Wes Cahill, says things
are going really well at Long Jetty.  “We’re half way through the rehabilitation stage and then after Bend 62 we rip the whole wharf down and
reconstruct it.

Bend 62 is at the low tide mark where we pull out the piles and deconstruct it and build a new wall.”
The Rehabilitation of the Port Welshpool Long Jetty is a South Gippsland Shire Council key priority project.
Once complete, the Long Jetty will significantly enhance regional economic growth through increased tourism and
employment opportunities. For this reason, it is the largest tourism infrastructure project to ever be undertaken in
South Gippsland.

SMC Marine is a Sydney based company with extensive experience in the rehabilitation of timber wharfs and piers
both in and around Sydney and in Western Australia.  Recently they have designed and constructed the Anderson Road Jetty at Cowes and the Myer Street Jetty at Lakes Entrance.  There are 6 guys working on the project at the moment but it could go up to 10.
“We’ll get some good weather soon which will be fantastic,” Wes said.


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