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Localities and addresses update

SOUTH Gippsland Shire is still on track to move on the public exhibition phase of its Localities Review in August for the purpose of obtaining public input on the appropriateness of the official description of their property’s locality and address.

Some 150 properties have been affected, with many residents only learning of changes to their officially designated addresses after contact from Australia Post even though the source of the information is generated at local government level.

Council has undertaken interviews for a temporary officer to carry out the Review and is on the verge of making an appointment.

The Review must follow a defined legal process.

Residents and businesses in the Buffalo, Fish Creek, Foster and Waratah North areas have all been affected.

If unsure as to whether or not your official address is what you think it is, check the details on your municipal rate notice/s as they will reflect the formal location description of your property.

Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to make a submission when the Locality Review is advertised in the paper and calling for public comment as this is “the chance” to correct any anomalies!


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