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Knitters knit and natter in Toora on world-wide day

• About 40 people who like to knit, crochet, and talk gathered in the former Toora Newsagency, soon to be the new Sam’s Patch haberdashery, on World Wide Knit in Public Day
on Saturday afternoon, June 10, 2023.

DOZENS of knitters gathered in Toora on Saturday June 10, 2023 to knit, natter and enjoy each other’s company as well as a lavish afternoon tea or possibly even a beer or a wine to mark World Wide Knit in Public Day.

Along with some of those who prefer to crochet with their yarn, there would have been 40-odd knitters in what will be the coming reincarnation of Foster haberdashery Sam’s Patch in the former Toora Newsagency.

There were nearly a dozen knitters to be found in the bistro of the Royal Standard Hotel, and another two or three at the Windmill Café.

Sam’s Patch will be moving permanently to Toora in 10 days or so, and proprietor Samantha Rogers was clearly delighted to be able to offer many of her fellow crafty sorts a preview of what her next and rather larger and lighter shop will be like.

Springing from clicking knitting needles and twirling crochet hooks were jumpers, coats, scarves, baby clothes, vests and even a soft, woolly creature destined to become a child’s favourite toy.

There were international-class knitters; artisan knitters; experimental knitters; dedicated knitters; recreational knitters, and that good, solid everyday kind of knitter, together with patient teachers of knitting and a couple of absolute beginner knitters.

One knitting student had bought a pair of needles and a ball of wool from an op shop that very morning and produced several rows of remarkably even plain knitting in their very first attempt.

Conversation flowed, laughter bubbled, and the senses of creativity and camaraderie abounded during the allotted two hours, which seemed to flash by in a trice.

World Wide Knit in Public Day was founded in 2005 to celebrate the passion for knitting.

This year’s theme was “better living through stitching together”, and it was clear to see that’s exactly what was happening in Toora, and no doubt was replicated many thousands of times in countries all around the globe.


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