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It’s a mess Telstra

It’s accident waiting to happen.

SARAH Reeves is understandably peeved with Telstra.

She owns Latte Dah Café in Toora and first complained to Telstra about a dangerous Telstra slab outside her café back in January this year.

“A local woman tripped over it and received a black eye, scraped nose and concussion,” said Sarah.

Now Telstra have put a big lip over but it is just as dangerous as before.

“You could easily lose a toe,” Sarah says.

Telstra came after Sarah complained again and put witches hats up but they just blow away in the wind.

Sarah explained that someone from Telstra did come and have a look recently and then rang her after he had left even though he could see her in the café.

“He told me he had put in his report but that it was a really big job and it would be a while before Telstra could fix it. It’s a mess.”


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