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Hospital Solar Campaign heats up

SOUTH Gippsland Hospital’s recently launched Solar Project Appeal to ‘turn’ sunshine into clinical care has already reached 30 per cent of its goal to raise $120,000 to install a solar energy and hot water system and save thousands of dollars each year.

More than 4000 letters, packed by volunteers, went out to the surrounding community and hundreds of people have donated so far, including more than 50 individual donations of one or more ‘panels’.

’We are delighted people are responding so positively to what we are trying to achieve through the appeal,” said Hospital CEO Peter Rushen.

“One of our major costs each year is an $80,000 power and hot water bill. Hospitals are by necessity big energy users and it’s not something we can skimp on. However, if we can save thousands of dollars a year by going solar and cutting down our carbon emissions, it’s a win for patients and a win for the environment.

‘The beauty of this Appeal is that each gift in effect keeps on giving year after year through the savings made. Savings we can put towards things like midwifery, cardiac rehabilitation, the falls prevention program and a range of other patient focussed services.

‘We have a pretty good idea of how the community feel about their hospital and this is being confirmed by the generous gifts that are being made and we are most grateful for each and every one of them,’ he said.

South Gippsland Hospital is asking everyone to help them reach their goal by donating on-line at by calling 5683 9777 or by donating in person at reception.


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