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Hardcore carnivore at Paul and Samantha Crock’s ‘Biran Biran’

• Texan Jess Pryles with Paul Crock celebrate Australian Beef.

A FILMCREW along with a Chef from Texas descended on the Crocks on Friday October 27 at their beef farm located at Hoddle, half way between Fish Creek and Foster in South Gippsland.

It was the perfect setting to film a documentary for social media about all things beef with the sweeping views across Corner Inlet to Wilson’s Promontory and Bass Strait.

Jess Pryles flew in from Texas for a whirlwind trip around the country as the host of the film for Australian Beef.

“This road trip is about reversing what we usually do, ‘paddock to plate’, by finding great meals and tracking it back to where that product came from,” she said.

“We were at Pastuso in Melbourne last night where we ate Paul and Samantha’s Gippsland Natural product. Now we’re here seeing where it all began.”

It’s all part of a marketing exercise using social media to spread the word that Australian beef is the best in the world.

“It’s beautiful content that everyone can watch from the comfort of their lounge rooms,” Jess said.

Jess is known as a chef who is a ‘hardcore carnivore’ and she has even written a book by the same name.

“I feel so relaxed here at Paul and Samantha’s farm gulping in the fresh air. Imagine how the cows feel,” she said.

Paul talks to camera explaining how ever since he was little he just wanted to be back on the farm doing things.

“It’s a passion I’ve had all my life,” he says. “I’ve been in the beef industry for 30 years now. For me it’s all about the industry. It’s about following the beef all the way through to the customer at the other end.”

Paul and Samantha are a very proud Gippsland Beef producers and will be hosting an event for the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival in March next year.

“We will be showcasing all different Gippsland produce like the cheeses across the road. The chef will do a beautiful lunch,” said Samantha.

“Whether people are buying Gippsland Natural Beef to prepare and serve in their award winning restaurants, for thousands of consumers at major events, or to their hungry kids at the family dinner table, our customers know that the investment we have made into the ethical production of high quality, consistent, tender beef has been worthwhile,” Paul adds.

“We are keep to spread the word about Gippsland Natural Beef. You can follow us on facebook or twitter to find out when and where we have been and where we are headed.”


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