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Guidance for South Gippsland’s Rural Residents

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council has introduced its Rural Resident’s Guide to provide advice for those looking to live in rural locations.

Living in rural areas in South Gippsland is an attractive option for people seeking to escape the pressures of urban living or to establish a rural lifestyle.

However some new rural residents can be unaware of the different responsibilities of rural land owners in our agriculture driven shire

This guide has been created to help identify these responsibilities and reduce any concerns of people looking to make a lifestyle change moving to our farming districts.

The Rural Resident’s Guide:

  • Is a colourful, easy to use resource.
  • Outlines what to expect from living in an agricultural area.
  • Provides links to useful fact sheets and organisations to support people living in rural South Gippsland.
  • Outlines needs and responsibilities of a rural land owner.

South Gippsland Shire Council’s Social Planning Officer Vicki Bradley encouraged individuals thinking of moving to or already living in South Gippsland’s rural areas to read the guide.

“Follow the friendly South Gippsland wombat as he ambles through the Rural Resident’s Guide helping readers find what to expect from living in an agricultural area and outline needs and responsibilities of a rural land owner,” said Ms Bradley.

The Rural Resident’s Guide is a companion document to the A Guide for New Residents providing an overview of Council services and facilities.

Both guides are available on Council’s website or from Council’s offices at 9 Smith Street, Leongatha.


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