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Good news for mobile phone customers

THE many Optus customers who have recently experienced difficulties with either their mobile phone or internet connections – or both – will be pleased to know that this ‘cloud’ has a silver lining, with Optus announcing that its 4G Plus network is soon to be introduced to South Gippsland.

“Optus is expanding our 4G Plus network which is great news for our customers with compatible 4G mobile phones and tables because they will be able to enjoy a faster and more reliable mobile internet experience and can download, upload and stream music, pictures and videos at superfast speeds,” said an Optus spokesperson.

Not only is this good news for existing Optus customers, but also to customers of other providers, as it will bring hopefully bring more choice and competition.

Theories abounded on what had caused disruptions to the service; could it have been the bout of bad weather? The additional numbers of Optus customers in the area over the Easter and school holiday period, which could possibly have put a strain on available services?

The good news is that during the last few weeks – but unfortunately coinciding with the holiday period – Optus has been busy in the area carrying out upgrades to its mobile network in a number of locations across South Gippsland to prepare for the introduction of the 4G Plus network.

“We have completed the final stages of work which requires updates to equipment on multiple sites to support the increased demand for data services,” said the Optus spokesperson.

Each tower must now undergo a series of scheduled upgrades in order to be ready to deliver 4G and it is expected that these tests will be completed and the upgraded service available in around within the next couple of months.

“We apologise to customers that experienced limited coverage and service during the upgrades and we look forward to switching to 4G soon,” the spokesperson added.

Customers can check on Optus tower upgrades or coverage by visiting By entering their device model and location, and selecting ‘future coverage’ in either ‘3 month’ or ‘6 month,’ customers can see how they fit into the areas scheduled for coverage with the 4G Plus network.


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