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Girls of Our Town acclaims women and community

• Megan Vuillermin and Margerie Linton will be among the guest speakers at the first Girls of Our Town International Women’s Day celebration to be held at the Foster Secondary College on Thursday March 6, 2020 from 1.30 pm to 3 pm.

The Bendigo Bank Girls of Our Town acclaims both the women and the community of the Corner Inlet district at two special events to be held in Foster as part of 2020’s International Women’s Day celebrations.

Supported by the South Gippsland Shire Council and Bendigo Bank’s Community Bank branches and agencies at Toora, Foster and Welshpool, Bendigo Bank Girls of Our Town features conversation, music and memories, along with a glance towards the future.

The first Girls of Our Town occasion takes place in the Foster Secondary College gymnasium in Pioneer Street on Friday March 6, 2020 from 1.30 pm to 3 pm.

Live music will be performed by Bec Bone and Fiona Curram, a splendid afternoon tea will be served, and the first group of historic, recent past and present identities to be inducted into Corner Inlet’s Gallery of Women will be displayed.

Guest speakers include recently retired Foster general practitioner and acupuncturist Dr Margerie Linton, and inspirational life coach, human behaviourist and businesswoman Megan Vuillermin of Sandy Point.

Both Margerie and Megan believe just as strongly in the value and contribution of men towards family, community and society as they do of women.

They consider being egalitarian and fair can only benefit all people, regardless of age, stage or gender.

The grand-daughter of Foster pioneer and midwife Sarah Cannon who provided the district with nursing services during the early years of settlement, Margerie was one of the first female medical students at Monash University.

Margerie has a strong commitment to humanitarian and environmental causes and thinks that her grandfather and father were instrumental in providing her with the encouragement and confidence to aim for whatever she chose in life.

Megan designs educational programs that teach resilience and self-worth to children, parents and schools, so young people can thrive in life.

She was also one of the driving forces behind Prom Coast Centres for Children in Foster and is advocating to keep the Alberton Football Netball League going and viable.

“I like to fight for a cause and to provide a platform where issues can be discussed while keeping the peace and achieving the best result for all,” she said.

PCAC women recall

The second Girls of Our Town event will be held at Prom Country Aged Care in O’Connell Road in Foster on Sunday March 8, on the actual International Women’s Day, from 2 pm to 3.30 pm.

Some of the women residents will talk about their lives, their points of view looking back and forward, and the collective achievements of the women of Prom Country Aged Care.

There’ll also be plenty of advice for next generations!

Gallery of Women Nominations

Bendigo Bank Girls of Our Town has come about after a group of local women began to meet and talk about how to mark the lives, work, wisdom and gifts of past, present and future Corner Inlet women.

Members of Girls of Our Town include Jo MacKenzie, Marge Arnup, Chris Kemper, Rosemary Francis, Nan Mackay, Meg Edwards, Moyha Davies, and South Gippsland Shire officer Sally Baker.

They came up with the idea to begin the Gallery of Women, a new and ongoing project to record these stories and achievements and to preserve them.

Foster’s Ron Lagergren has been working to restore and to produce photographic portraits of the women appearing in the Gallery and their names will be announced on Sunday.

While the first group for the Gallery of Women has been chosen for 2020, nominations from the community are invited for more women who have or are contributing to the social wellbeing of the Corner Inlet district for next and subsequent years’ additions to the Gallery.

For more information, contact Jo Mackenzie on 5682 1673.


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