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Foster’s secret is out

IT SEEMS that word is out about the many positive aspects of living in Foster.

At present, there are over 20 homes being built in Foster, including 10 in the new estate, and the building of a number of units and a house in Victory Avenue is also underway.

In regard to vacant land, all three local real estate agents agree that demand is strong for flat blocks in Foster.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics Census 2011 revealed that 30.7 per cent of the town’s population is 65 or over. Compact, low maintenance homes on smaller, easy to maintain blocks, close to shops, services and medical facilities are becoming increasingly popular amongst this aging population….and it’s not is not only a number of existing Foster residents who feel this way.

“We’re getting enquiries from people wanting to make a move from further up the coast because they find it’s too far to go for urgent medical treatment and other services,” said Wendy Wright of PBE Real Estate, Foster.

“Enquiries are also coming from those who have been living on large acreages and as the years go by, find they just can’t manage it anymore,” she added.

Andrea Adams of SEJ Real Estate, Foster, is in agreement that flat blocks offering easy access to all services are very desirable at present, as are low maintenance dwelling options.

“Foster has so much to offer the older resident and its central business district is very flat and easy to negotiate,” said Suellen Lee of Paragreen Real Estate.

“It has fantastic medical services, active clubs and great sporting facilities,” she added.

“Over the last 18 months or so, 16 housing lots have sold in the new estate,” said local land developer Gary Wallis, who has found that the most popular blocks have been those on flat land.

With Stage One of the estate completed and Stage Two well underway, a number of blocks on the rise have been levelled to make them more attractive to potential purchasers.

Mr Wallis explained that presented in this manner, there are no penalties to pay – a nasty surprise which can be imposed on non-level blocks. Also making this housing development an attractive proposition are the design options available from four building companies.

“You wouldn’t find many towns of this size or population with so much to offer, including a wonderful medical centre and hospital, a state-of-the-art aged care facility, a primary school and secondary college, shops, sporting and cultural facilities,” he said.

“I really believe strongly in Foster and all the signs are very positive for steady growth in the future,” he added.

Construction of homes and units is taking place in various areas of Foster and demand is continuing for flat blocks within a short distance from the shops and services.


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