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Foster Secondary College 2019 dux Lauren wants to teach

• Foster Secondary College’s third VCE 90s Club new member Ruby Mattingley.
• Foster Secondary College principal Matt McPhee with new 2019 VCE 90s Club member Courtney Zuidema, senior school team teacher Mark Tudor, the college dux for 2019 and also a new 90s Club member Lauren Gale and senior school team teacher Julie Jones. All 20 of the college’s VCE students passed this year.

FOSTER Secondary College Victorian Certificate of Education dux for 2019 has enjoyed learning so much she wants to be a teacher herself.

Year 12 student Lauren Gale of Waratah Bay will easily gain a place in the institution and course of her choice; teaching at Monash University’s Clayton campus after scoring an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 93.75.

Lauren has become a member of another unique and quite exclusive set, too, namely the Foster Secondary College 90s Club, which only admits students with ATARs of 90 or more.

Joining Lauren in the 90s Club’s 2019 intake are her fellow VCE students Ruby Mattingley of Foster with an ATAR of 93.25, and Courtney Zuidema of Yanakie who achieved an ATAR of 91.2.

Courtney wants to become a teacher as well and she is assured of getting into Monash University’s Bachelor of Education course at its Peninsula campus.

Ruby has applied to study Applied Data Science at Monash University in Clayton.

Three more students earned ATARs of 80 or more, including Tamsin Kennedy-Watterson, Tamara Lavarda and Amy Tudor, while another three, Ruby Lane, Ky Hodgson and Matilda Trail gained ATARs above the Victorian average of 64.

All 20 of Foster Secondary’s VCE students were successful in both their school assessed course work and their examinations this year, giving the college a 100 per cent pass rate. The VCE students are all going on to tertiary education.

The college’s five Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning students also did well this year and all are heading towards fulfilling jobs in their chosen fields.

College principal Matt McPhee said he was “so proud of the VCE students and of the amount of effort they have put into their studies all year. They certainly deserve their success.”

Senior school teaching team members Mark Tudor and Julie Jones said the College “congratulates the class of 2019 on achieving the ATAR and Study Scores that they have aspired towards this year.

“On behalf of your teachers and the support staff at Foster Secondary College, we hope that your pathways through life lead to happy and fulfilling outcomes,” they said.

“Here is a group of aspirational students who have tried so hard, and these results are a lovely validation of the work we do as teachers.”

Among the 20 VCE students’ results were nine Study Scores of 40 or more, which fall within the top nine per cent of scores in the State, and 18 Study Scores of 36 or more, which are in the top 20 per cent in the State. The college’s All Studies Mean was 28.96.

Both Mr Tudor and Ms Jones were elated that Lauren and Courtney were determined to continue on their chosen pathways towards becoming teachers themselves.

“With ATARs like theirs, both students could do almost anything, but they still want to teach!” Ms Jones said.

“We look forward to welcoming you back when you do some of your [future teacher training] placements here at Foster Secondary College!”

Mr Tudor and Ms Jones offered their VCE and VCAL students a little more wisdom from the Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle to consider as they go out beyond the college fence.

“Aristotle believed that ‘One will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honour’.

“So, we urge you to be courageous,” they said.

“With your results in hand, the challenge is now to take further steps in your own directions, secure in the knowledge that you have done your best and have developed the essential life skills needed to thrive in this amazing world.”


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