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Foreshore fire at Toora

A BLAZE which occurred in the small hours of last Wednesday morning near the Toora jetty on the foreshore has CFA members and local police unsure as to how it started.

The fire was reported to the CFA at 12.50am by a passerby who had seen the flames from a considerable distance away on the South Gippsland Highway.

The fire was attended by the Toora CFA and Foster Police. Located on the north side of the car park, the blaze measured approximately 20m x 70 metres in size and took around one hour to extinguish. The site was then monitored by Parks Victoria until it was determined that there was no chance of the fire re-igniting.

The cause of the blaze is, as yet, unknown and investigations are continuing. Foster police would be interested in speaking with anyone who may have information on the cause of the fire, and can be contacted on 5682 2407.


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